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Agro Manager

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Job Description

We have an excellent opportunity for the " Agro Manager-Potato" role and job description which contains a brief description of the role is mentioned below for your consideration. 

Client: Belgium Based Food Processing MNC.

Job Summary:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Agro Manager to oversee the development and
implementation of agro projects aimed at improving the agricultural sector productivity, profitability, and sustainability. The Agro Manager is responsible for the production and procurement of potatoes and the raw supply to the factory, based on a demand planning, the logistic planning for potatoes and the potato storage. The Agro Manager will be responsible for identifying opportunities for agro development, managing project implementation, and evaluating project outcomes. The Agro Manager provides content-based agronomic and other support to our partners and individual growers. Agro Manager will be responsible for the development and execution of clear policies for food safety, sustainability and traceability for the potatoes for our factory. The Agro
Manager will work in a management team, where roles are divided over the team members.

Roles & Responsibilities:

 Develop and implement agro development projects aimed at improving productivity,
profitability, and sustainability of the agricultural sector.
 Develop and maintain a short- and long-term potato production and supply planning, based on the company demand planning.
 Regularly reporting to the management about market update, potato price development, frequent yield and quality forecast.
 Develop and coordinate a seed potato production planning.
 Coordinate and develop relations with farmer groups, local communities, to ensure project success.
 Managing the warehousing business operations including preservation, maintenance &
security of Potatoes.
 Management of the potato harvest and storage.
 Management of quality & quantity of stock. Potato quality control on every potato receiving location.
 Impart training to Agro-staff to ensure proper upkeep of stock, farmer contracts and farmer loan details, by using corporate systems.
 Potato procurement from Farmers & potato traders.
 Day to day guidance of Agro staff on technical matters of crop Cultivation, Upkeep Farm record & Managing servicing & maintenance of Tools & Implement, Electrical, Mechanical and vehicle, Farm yearly Action plan and Preparation of financial Budget & Managing of farming equipment.
 Guiding the farmers and explaining them about the objectives of company.
 Responsible for strict food-safety, sustainability and traceability policies.
 Responsible for a Potato variety research program.
 To increase the production area year by year, based on the long-term demand planning.



If interested please send your updated resume to Email: 


: Prosapiens HR Consultancy
Candidate Profile

Educational and Practical requirements:
 Masters degree in Agriculture or a related field.
 At least 5 years of experience in agro development or related field, preferably in the potato sector. International experience is a preferred
 Strong knowledge of agro development, agricultural production systems, and rural
 Proven ability to identify opportunities for agro development and manage project
 Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
 Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
 Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
 Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
 Proficiency in relevant computer software and tools.
 Experience in the agricultural sector.
 Knowledge of agricultural regulations and policies.
 Good performance of English

Management Behavioural Competencies:
 Promote the core values of the company and encourage other members to follow the same.
 Maintain good relationships with farmers and staff members.
 Promote teamwork among others by creating an optimal working environment, positive/good working atmosphere.
 Always upholding the good name of the company.
 Bringing positive energy into the company and forming lasting professional relationships with staff.

Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh
B.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology