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Crop Scout Jobs in Parbhani

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Job Description

Job Role : Crop Scout


  • Conduct field inspections to assess the condition and health of crops.
  • Identify pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and weed infestations in crops.
  • Monitor and record crop growth stages, pest populations, and environmental factors.
  • Recommend appropriate pest control measures, fertilization techniques, and other interventions.
  • Collect and analyze soil and plant samples for testing and analysis.
  • Stay updated on pest and disease trends, as well as advancements in crop management practices.

Employer :

How to Apply : Interested candidates can Register and Apply at


: AgriRecruiters.Com
Candidate Profile


  • Attention to detail and ability to accurately identify crop issues.
  • Strong observational and analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills to effectively communicate findings and recommendations.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.
  • Basic computer skills for data recording and reporting.

Education - Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture

Diploma in Agriculture